Dressed To Impress By The Best

Style and Dress to Impress

Personal Styling
I will work with your existing wardrobe to assist you with creating outfits. Extra bonus here is I will take photos and create a  Virtual look-book so that you will remember what we created.

Personal Shopping
• Shop for you:  Within your budget  and I can scout pieces for you. I will come to your home so that you can try on the purchased items. Keep what you want and I’ll return the remaining items.
• One-on-one shopping: I will shop with you, side as we embark on your style journey.
• Pre-shop: I will pick out items for you to try on. A client favorite because you just show up and try on what I've  pre-selected.
• Closet shopping: I will go through your wardrobe first and then we’ll hit the stores to fill in the gaps.

Closet Therapy
I will come to your home and we will discuss in depth your style preferences. We will visit your closet to clean and organize. We will decide on items that can be sent to consignment and what items to keep. The items you keep, we will create outfits and a Virtual look-book.

Special Events
Attending a special event, going on a first date or taking a trip and have no idea how to dress for the occasion? I will scout the stores to find your perfect outfit. You can decide whether to shop side by side or allow me to completely shop for you.

Virtual Styling
Technology is a beautiful thing! With Skype, Video Chat or  other webcam programs of your choosing, I can style you without either of us leaving the house. You can try on items, show me your closet and we can create outfits that will have you looking your best in no time.